Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one person live in a unit?


Can I have pets?

As an owner of a Milepost 5 Loft you are welcome to have a pet.  For more details, please contact the Home Owners’ Association.  If you are a renter at either the Milepost 5 Studios or Lofts, pets are not allowed.

Can my band practice in my unit? Can I solder?

It depends. In accordance with building and safety laws, as well as condominium association bylaws, there may be limitations on what a resident may produce in their unit. Just like any community, Milepost 5 residents will work together to determine what kinds of things those are.

Can children live at Milepost 5?

Yes. Milepost 5 welcomes all kinds of households.

Is there public transportation/transit access nearby?

Yes. Lots. The site is directly served by Trimet Bus #72, a frequent service bus. Just blocks away is MAX Blue, Red and Green Lines, as well as stops for buses #19, #20, #15 and #77.

Is there bike parking?

Yes. There is ample outdoor bike parking.

Is there a Zipcar?

Yes. There is a Zipcar in the off-street parking lot. For more info about Zipcar, visit

If I have a car, where can I park?

There are 50 parking spaces in front of the building in an off-street lot. They are available to rent for $35/month. On-street parking is available around the site.

Is there storage?

Yes. Each unit comes with a gated storage unit (approx. 6′ x 8′) in basement. There are a few extra storage units as well as double-sized storage units available for purchase. Please let us know if you are interested in additional storage.

What about laundry?

To maximize living area, there are laundry facilities located in the basement. Top floor units come with washer and dryer.

Who should I contact for more lender information?

All the contact information here.

What kind of entry system does the building have?
We have a call box with individual codes that allow entry. For visitors, the call box dials your phone line and you can buzz them in.

How secure are the first floor condos?

They have a lockable patio door.

Can people open their windows — is it crank or slide or none?

Everyone has at least one operable crank-style window awning style or casement depending on the floor.

Is there a natural gas line so that I can put a gas range in my kitchen?

No. Natural gas is not available.

How big is the elevator and what kind of a load can it take?

It is a brand new 3000 lbs car that has a 9′ high cab inside which helps greatly with large pieces of furniture, oversized art, raw materials, etc.

How much insulation is between the walls and ceilings/floors?

Milepost 5, The Lofts meets or exceeds code requirements which are 50 STC (sound transmission class).

How quiet is the elevator?

Pretty quiet. The shaft is “furred out” and extra-insulated by the living units to reduce the noise.

Are you supplying window blinds?


More questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. [contact]

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