Rental Info, Guidelines, and Policies

The goal of Milepost 5 is to provide a range of flexible live/work space for artists and creatives in a community setting and to help residents pursue their passions and build their creative careers.  Our application process is meant to determine whether the rental candidate is a working creative who would appropriately benefit from the Milepost 5 environment.  Selection is not based upon aesthetic style or limited to any one type of creative pursuit. Our goal is creating a community of active, working creatives following a broad range of pursuits, professions, and passions-where writers, painters, dancers, sculptors, musicians, designers, etc. live and work side-by-side in a supportive and dynamic environment.

If you have any questions about the rental process, please contact Community Manager Julie Thompson at (503) 333-3331 or

The Studios: All units on the 2nd and 3rd floors are live/work spaces–so you can live in it, work in it, or do both. Most 1st floor units are work only, but can accommodate retail/commercial usage. Some studio units have their own bathrooms, while shared bathrooms are available for the rest. Full-scale, shared community kitchens on each floor. There are some multi-room suites. Artists can share work spaces-or rent multiple studios: live in one and work in another. Utility sinks for common usage are located throughout the building. Units range in size from approximately 150 to 400 square feet.  (availability varies)

Application Process

Step #1.  Sign up for the waiting list.

Click here to sign up online for the waiting list.  Please specify your preferred move-in date, rent range and square footage.  This will help us to match available units to potential renters as they become available.

Step #2.  Email us your supplementary information.

Your waiting list application will be considered complete when we have received the artistic component of your application.  Please email Community Manager Julie Thompson ( with the following information:

  1. Statement of interest (maximum 500 words): Why do you want to be a part of the artist community at Milepost 5 and what will you be doing here.  Include whether you will be using your space for work, live or both. Please include in the body of your email, not an attachment.
  2. Short personal biography.  Please include in the body of your email, not an attachment.
  3. 4-8 examples of work, showcasing as diverse a range as possible.  If sending images, make them low resolution (72dpi, 500 pix largest dimension) and as attachments.

Please note that we strongly prefer you to send us links to your website, online portfolio, sound or video files, writing samples, etc., rather than attached files.

Step #3.  Portfolio review and/or interview.

We review every candidate’s portfolio and personal statement as soon as they are received in order to speed the process when a unit becomes available that meets your needs.  If your portfolio is not available digitally, please contact Julie to set up an appointment.  (This is not a critique or approval, merely an opportunity for us to see your work.  You will not be given a formal acceptance or decline in the interview, but please do feel free to ask any questions about the application process or the community as a whole, and don’t forget to take a tour through the galleries while you’re here to see what we’re all about!)

Step #4.  Fill out a rental application with all necessary background.

If a unit comes available that meets your needs, we will ask you to fill out and return a basic rental application (standard background and credit check). There is a $40 non-refundable fee to process the application.  You will be sent a copy of our screening criteria which you will need to sign and return along with your application.

Step #5.  Sign a lease.

If your application is accepted, we then sign a 6-to-12-month residential lease.  Move-in cost is a minimum of 1-month rent and utilities plus a security deposit equal to 1.5 x month rent. All utilities (minus phone, internet and cable) are included in the utility fee.

Review Criteria:

Milepost 5 was created to provide an affordable home for artists of all disciplines within which they can pursue their craft surrounded, by a diversity of creatives. We evaluate proposals based on a number of factors to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for this community. Some questions we ask ourselves are:

  • Is this applicant a working artist? Please note the term “working” rather than “professional” or “successful.” Some artists make money from their art, and some don’t. Some pursue it full-time, while others hold down 9-5 jobs. Neither of these are factors in our decision-making. All we need is to see that you are pursuing the act of creation with passion, with a serious professional approach, and with great commitment – that you are DOING it, whether or not it ever makes you money.
  • Is this applicant’s artistic voice inspiring? Does your work excite us? Does it tell a story that needs to be told? Will it add something new to the community that we don’t already have? Will Milepost 5 grow and flourish from your creativity being here? If your work was a visitor’s first impression of our community, would it make them want to see more?
  • Will this applicant be a positive addition to the community? Are you bringing new ideas for community events or partnerships? Do we sense your excitement about being surrounded by other creatives? Are you ‘on board’ with all the additional resident responsibilities at Milepost 5 including sharing kitchen and bathroom space with neighbors? Are you committed to making this community a better place?

Our Community Manager reviews every candidate’s portfolio and personal statement as soon as they are received. This helps facilitates the residency process when a unit fitting your needs becomes available. If your portfolio is not available digitally, please contact the Manager to arrange an in-person portfolio review. Please be mindful that the portfolio review is merely an opportunity to see your work and not to approve or critique your work. You will not be given a formal acceptance or rejection in the interview. Do feel free to ask any questions about the application process or the community at any time and don’t forget to take a tour through the galleries while you’re here to see what we’re all about.

Thank you for taking the time to review our rental guidelines and policies, and for your interest in Milepost 5. If you have more questions about rentals, please contact Community Manager Julie Thompson E-Mail: Phone: (503) 333-3331

Condos Available at Milepost 5

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